Monday, July 19, 2010

still fighting

Well I am still fighting the good fight. I have now been put on lovenox shots for my blood clots. They are suppose to keep things leveled out however they cost $3600 a month. that is correct that is not a type o! My insurance will only cover 80% so that leaves me with $721 a month to come up with. I am not making it now so I don't know what I am going to do about these shots. Yes I have contacted the maker of the shots but since I have private insurance they cant help. Yes I have contacted the government and even the President but since I make more than $10 an hour they cant help. I am just so lost......... I mean how can our country take care of everyone else but not our own people. It is not my fault I make more than $10 an hour. I am not asking for a hand out I just need some help. sorry to sound like such a Debbie downer but I am really scared that if I don't find a way to pay for these medicines I could die or if I do pay for them I cant pay my rent and other bills and will be homeless. Anybody with any ideas would help. Thanks for listening.

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